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DAP ME offers student programs throughout the Santa Monica area. DAP ME provides students guidance in music engineering in a classroom format, while focusing exclusively on each student. Students can begin to test the waters and truly learn whom they are and what they are made of in a safe environment. Students will be encouraged to express themselves through the creation of music and perfecting their craft.

DAP ME works to provide a quality curriculum that works at the pace that is comfortable for each student by allowing [them] hands on experience from the moment they begin the program. DAP ME provides support inside and outside of the classroom and produces highly skilled, well-trained music engineers. Each student will at some point in their DAP ME career work with top music producers and artists in order to begin to network and hone their engineering skills. The faculty and staff will be constantly on hand to assist students with their projects and time spent in the studio.


DAP ME will also be a working studio where professionals such as producers and artists in the music industry will come to create their own masterpieces. Traditional recording sessions will become a professional teaching atmosphere. Industry professionals will sign on to have a student(s) present in their sessions. This way the student(s) will receive an opportunity to participate in an actual studio recording. The artists will obtain the quality of work they expect in a standard industry studio, as well as a chance to enjoy a sense of giving back to the community through their work with DAP ME.



Rites of Passage is mentoring program in Santa Monica, CA for african american students ages 11 to 17.  Mentors teach students life and career skills. 


YULIVE (Young Urban Leaders Influencing Venice)


Venice High School students will receive 10 high school credits and community service credits through the DAP ME course. 

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